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Ecommerce business –

Ecommerce is one of the fastest growing sectors across the globe. Big and small companies, entrepreneurs, small business owners, side business hustlers, are all reaping the benefits of ecommerce. As it is an internet-based business, there are no age, location, or time limitations. Many entrepreneurial dreams have been realized due to online commerce and obviously, easy access to the internet.

It is criminal in this day and age if you dream of launching a successful business online and you don't do it. Yes, an ecommerce set up with the website, domain name, payment gateway and various service integrations seem daunting, that is where comes in.

You can look at as an ecommerce engine, integrated with technology and services required to launch an online shop. An easy w ebsite builder, with multiple design themes, default payment and delivery management, business growth support, advertising and promotion services, customer support – the platform enables you through the entire journey of creating your online shop, and ensures your shop reaches your target audience, increasing your sales.

Let’s make this easier for you, we are enlisting the steps that you need to take to create a shop on and start selling:

Step 01
Log on to
Create my shop
Step 02
Step 03
Fill your data and
create your account
Confirm your email
and login
Step 04
Step 05
Choose your store name
Select the user option
that describes you
Step 06
Step 07
Select your product type
Your store’s address
Step 08
Step 09
Choose your website name
Agree to the terms
and conditions
Step 10
Step 11
Select your subscription
and proceed with building your website. is for everyone. Easy, fast and smart. Start selling today.

We will be publishing posts regularly on how to sell and maximize profits here. You want any specific questions answered, get in touch with us on and we will answer your questions directly and may even create a blog post on it.

Watch this space for more.